Before we host your blog, you need to agree to the following TERMS OF SERVICE:


2. It is your responsibility to back up your sites. Machines are not perfect, so please BACK-UP always.

3. We offer WordPress Hosting Service, therefore we only allow WordPress blogs.

4. No illegal contents, MP3, Video, p0rn hosting.

5. It is your responsibility to make your blogs secure and updated. So update always to the latest WordPress, plugins, and themes.

6. Do not use any of these WordPress Plugins:
– Global Translator
– Lancelhoff WordPress Translator
– Backlink
– SpamShiv Spam Protection
– WP Explorer
– Do NOT use All-in-One SEO Pack and other plugins that consumes too much server resources.
– Do NOT use WP-Cache, Super Cache, or Hyper Cache, all at once. Use one of the following only.
– WassUp or any statistics plugin which pings the server every time you or your visitor executes a new click or a visitor comes to the site

7. Illegal action within my host is unacceptable. You will be deleted under my host without prior notice.

Failure to abide the rules is subject to TERMINATION.


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